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08-29 Lucchesi I am looking for a death certificate, funeral info, etc for my grandmother that might have information on it. I found an announcement in the Reno Evening Gazette, but not sure where to go next. This has taken about 10 years so starting to get close. She died 6⁄2⁄1935 as Winona L Lucchesi in Reno
Was married at the time to Pete Lucchesi
Applied for that marriage license 3⁄16⁄1934
She may have be born in Bakersfield California about 1908
Services by O'Brien and Nugent Company
Have no info on her father, but believe her mom was Elvira Learned
12⁄30⁄2008 Jay
08-28 Dillard On Rootsweb I found an obit listed for Joseph C. Dillard, died 22 Aug.1945, "limited index book 1922-1883" Washoe Co. This is possibly an uncle to my Grandfather Dillard so I would like to have a copy of the obit if at all possible. Thank you very much for your time and effort. 12⁄30⁄2008 Sharon
08-27 Bass, Trower I am looking for marriage recored for Royal Dale Trower and Eleanor Marie Bass married Nov 15 1945 in Reno, NV. He was born in MO and she was born in UT 12⁄30⁄2008 Connie
08-26 Lovett Seeking any more information available about Olney C Lovett ("Smokey"). Buried in Hillside Cemetery ca 1890, my cousin 3 times removed. Stagecoach driver between California and Nevada. 12⁄14⁄2008 David
08-25 Luchetti I have been unable to get my father's birth certificate. He was born 3-01-1905 in Sparks, or Reno, NV. Possibly, Dayton, NV. I would like any information on him or his family. His name was Victor Luchetti. He and his family had a ranch, the Luchetti Ranch, in Sparks, NV. 12⁄13⁄2008 Roberta
08-24 Hunt, Lewis Looking for the cemetery that Earl B Lewis is buried in. He was born April 26 1895 in Ewing Twp, Frankilin Co, Il and was in Erie, Erie Co, PA for his WWI draft registration stating he was married with a child. Living not far from his oldest sister, Lydia Lewis Hunt (My Great Grandmother). Earl died in Reno, Washoe Co, NV in November 1984. Looking for family members as well. Thank you 12⁄13⁄2008 Sherry
08-23 Bard, Northup My great grandfather, Ellwood Bard, and his second wife, Edythe N. Northup, both of Reno where they were married in May of 1946. They had a baby girl. We know she was born in October of 1947 in Reno but have no other information. This family must of moved to Las Vegas by 1960 as there is an article about the death of Ellwood in the April 4, 1960 of the Las Vegas Sun. So far we have been unable to locate an obit. Any help would be much appreciated. 12⁄13⁄2008 Rebecca
08-22 Frame According to the Sparks twp. NV.1930 census Marshall T. Frame age 42 is a patient in the Nv State Hospital for mental diseases.I would like to know if any records are available. I have not found any death records or burial and these records would help locate him. Civilian Draft record card WW1 1917-1918 Washoe, Nv. for Marshall T. Do not know if this would help or not in finding information on him. Thank you. 12⁄13⁄2008 Eleanor
08-21 Hamlin, Lambert, Lembert, Mosher, Spaulding The name Lembert is also seen as Lambert in many instances. Will give background and then some questions that I need help with.

Francis X. Lembert married Maggie Spaulding (a widow) in 1900. They lived at 601 Vine Street, Reno. Frank died in June 1902 at the Los Angeles Veterans Home where he had only lived for about a month; he is buried in the LA National Cemetery; he was an active member of Gen. O. M. Mitchell Post of the GAR. His step-daughter Alice Mosher died July 1902 and is buried in IOOF Cemetery; funeral director was Perkins and Oliver. His widow, Maggie, married H. Hamlin, optician, in 1903, but they were divorced in 1905-6. Newspaper article mentions F.C. Updike as administrator of F. X. Lembert estate. Do funeral home records exist for Perkins and Oliver?
Where is IOOF cemetery?
Any ideas on tracking deed records for 601 Vine Street, Reno?
Any ideas on tracking Maggie Spaulding Lembert Hamlin forward?
Do any records exist from Gen. O. M. Mitchell Post GAR?
Thanks for any help..
12⁄13⁄2008 Gail
08-20 Payne I am looking for information on the death of my Grandpa, Horace E Payne...he died 22 Jan 1965 in Reno, NV 09⁄28⁄2008 Fran
08-19 Kuhn Max Heinrich Kuhn b. 17 April 1883 was a citizen of Switzerland. I think he had a jewelry or watchshop in Reno. He is listed in the WW1 register. 09⁄28⁄2008 Signe
08-18 Garrison David Delone Garrison, born April 13, 1917 in Texas. He died June 28, 2000 in Sparks, Washoe Co., NV -- Researching Family 09⁄28⁄2008 James
08-17 Allen, Calvin, Edwards, McCoy, Swindell My Great-Grandmother, Mary Adelaide Swindell, was born in Illinois in 1867; married Bode Allen September 5, 1881 in Nye County, Nevada. Her second husband was Samuel Robert Calvin and her third husband was Peter McCoy. She died in February 1950 in Reno, and is buried in Knights of Pythias Cemetery in Reno. Her obituary in the paper, states that Mrs. Peter McCoy of 73 High Street in Reno passed away. Did she get interred under that name also? Her father, John Swindell is also buried there as well as her son-in-law Alfred Edwards and his wife Rose Amelia (Allen) Edwards. I would like information about this cemetery and my relatives who are buried there. 07⁄06⁄2008 Marlene
08-16 Isaacs, Lively Looking for grave and obit of Thomas and Mary Virginia (Isaacs) Lively. He was b. 1912 and died Mar 1996 Sparks, Washoe Co, NV, she was b. 1912 Jackson Co, IN d. Aug 1989 Sparke, Washoe Co, NV 06⁄29⁄2008 Terri
08-15 Gilliland Samuel Gilliland was paroled out of Washoe County on 5⁄5⁄48. Very likely he worked or had worked for the railroad. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. 06⁄29⁄2008 Monica
08-14 Hall I never knew my grandfather but I understand he is buried in Reno, Nevada. His name was Gilbert G. Hall and his date of death was December 19, 1947. I am trying find out where he is buried. Can anyone help? 05⁄18⁄2008 Deborah
08-13 Roberts Mary Roberts died in San Francisco Dec 1, 1909. Interment was at Hillside Cemetery in Reno, NV on Dec 5, 1909. I have found the other relatives listed in that Cemetery but not my GGGrandmother. Hillside Cemetery is located on Nevada Street near the University of Nevada and opened in 1879. Could she be in another Cemetery? I have her death certificate and funeral home paper. 05⁄18⁄2008 Geri
08-12 Hamby Seeking the cemetery where Jimmy Hamby, born 9 Mar 38, died 4 Jul 2005 in Reno, Washoe County, NV is buried...Have been searching but find nada. He is on SSDI. If anyone out there can help, would be very grateful!...Thanks. 05⁄18⁄2008 Bill
08-11 McCloud I am searching for the obituary of my biological uncle, Loyd Dean McCloud. He was born on 27⁄5⁄1938 and died, I believe, in Washoe NV on 1⁄7⁄2006. I am the birth daughter of his brother, Lawrence McCLoud. They had lost contact many years ago. I am living in London and was a G.I. 'baby'.

I never knew about my father until I was 40. I found my b. father in 1993. He lives in Shasta CA now. I would like to find out who it was that took care of my uncle and hopefully will find that out in the obituary so that I can tell my father?
05⁄18⁄2008 Norma Jean
08-10 Allec, Brown, Fletcher, Haviland, Nicholas, Palmer, Perkins The names listed are all surnames associated with my genealogy that I have information about such as DOB, DOD, marriage information, pictures, death certificates. A lot of the information goes back to the 1860s. 05⁄18⁄2008 Kevin
08-09 Cadagan, Clay The Clay's and the Cadagan's came to Nevada in the 1870's and 1880's. They were involved with the railroad and grocery business. Looking in the census they were also somehow involved in the Paiute Indians at Pyrimid Lake for at least 10 years. Is there anyone who could or would be interested in helping me do some research. Thank you. 02⁄27⁄2008 Kris
08-08 Pratt, Sproule Looking for a death notice or obit for Ruby Margaret (nee Sproule) PRATT who died in Reno on 19 Mar 1999. She was the wife of the late William Davidson PRATT. Any assistance is appreciated. 03⁄14⁄2008 Ralph
08-07 Goss, Rettig I am looking for a copy of a marriage license (not a certificate) for Ann Rettig and Joseph Goss who were married on 12⁄18⁄1953 in Reno, Washoe County, Nevada. 02⁄27⁄2008 Chris
08-06 Pixley, Porter Looking for more info on Thomas Pixley. He married Rose Emma Porter in Washoe City Feb. 26, 1880. Thomas died in a logging accident in 1916 while working for Verdi Logging Co. Rose died in 1938. 02⁄27⁄2008 Bonnie
08-05 Branum I am looking for my father's (Berle Preston Branum) grave. The only information I have been given is that he died and was buried in Sparks, Washoe Co., Nv. in Oct. 1993. His wife, (not my mother), was Elsie Branum. I would like to know where he is buried if you could find out for me and then I could order a death certificate. Thanks for all you do and for any info you may find. 02⁄27⁄2008 Jean
08-04 Bailey I am looking for information and the family of Arthur Clarence Bailey who resided in Sparks, Nevada during the early 1900's. The family is listed in the 1910 and 1920 Census. I am looking for any information and the birth of the youngest son, Billy and the marriage and descendants of Leslie J. and Harold. I would like more information on Harold who was listed as a teacher in the Public School in the 1920 Census. Any information is appreciated. 02⁄04⁄2008 Margaret
08-03 Asbell, Brillhart, Peoples, Wright Hello, I am looking for family contact info on Douglas Earl Wright Sn. and wife Juanita Faye Peoples (married names: Asbell, Brillhart, Wright). Douglas died Sept 4 1987 in Reno, Washoe Co. NV and Juanita died Feb. 12 2002 in Boise, Ada Co. ID. Son's Dale and Douglas both believed living in Boise, ID and daughter Donna, believed still living in Reno area. I would very much like to talk to Donna if anyone out there knows her. Thank you. 02⁄04⁄2008 Rebecca
08-02 Jurgens, Kress I am looking for an obituary for Frances (Jurgens) Kress, who died January 1981 in Washoe, Washoe County, NV. If you can help please reply. 02⁄04⁄2008 Naomi
08-01 Ball, Burk, Burke Searching for marriage certificate for Roudy Burk ( Burke) and Arbie (Audry) Ball married 6⁄14⁄1942 Reno Nevada 01⁄22⁄2008 Floydene


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